IKEA Bed Headboard becomes an itty bitty stand – Recycling and IKEA hacking

I needed a stand for a wine chiller. Wine fridge? Wine cooler? Bartles and Jaymes?

Complete shot first:

It’s on the left. Under the wine device.

I had this extra bed headboard (and tailboard? is that a thing?). It’s from IKEA. It’s made of wood. I hate throwing good wood away. I’ll burn/crush/destroy and otherwise exact lament upon particle board furniture all day long but in its original native tree form I have an affinity with it; I want to see it live anew; this respect is akin to a steak versus chicken nuggets.

Enter bedframe/headboard/tailboard/woods:


I cut it down so the legs were all equal and gave them a staining.

Cutting / Staining

I then cut the thin back board and linked them together with some dowels and wood glue to give it some rigidity and to get it to the right size.

Still Staining

I used some spare wood I had lying around as a topper for it and snapped up a segment of 1×2 (these not shown) to the back as a brace.

Voila: recycled.

Thrift Store Table – Refinish – Upgrade

Final shot first:

But, how?

What an unusual table!
What, an unusual table?

Have you ever seen a table like this? What was it for? A game? A ritual? I purchased it for the heavily discounted rate of $15 from Out of the Closet in Atwater Village a week or so ago. It was in bad shape:

  • One loose leg
  • It didn’t stand straight
  • Appeared to have been dropped down several flights of stairs
    • heavy gouging and missing hardware
  • What was the leather thing? a lamp? a roulette wheel? a drum?
  • Now that I see the photos I promise it looked worse in person
So many mysteries, no answers, only solutions. I planned to refinish it, put something in the giant hole, and replace my albeit without issue (but too large) current coffee table.
SAND SAND SAND. I sanded the imperfections and all of the finish off. I removed some hardware but not all.
Enter: this stuff. I like this stuff. Good for impatient people. It’s got polyurethane and stain all in one. I slap it on, wait for it to dry, steel wool it, rinse and repeat. The drawers got a lighter color stain, but otherwise the same treatment.

In Progress.

My teammate provided a bowl that seemed as though it was made for the giant circular hole,

Here it is all finished in the living room. It freed up a lot of space in the room and is a fun and unique piece to have around!


Clearly where the keyboard goes.

Dem Drawers.

Bowl Shot.

Look at that deep dish.
More stuff to come.