Thrift Store Table – Refinish – Upgrade

Final shot first:

But, how?

What an unusual table!
What, an unusual table?

Have you ever seen a table like this? What was it for? A game? A ritual? I purchased it for the heavily discounted rate of $15 from Out of the Closet in Atwater Village a week or so ago. It was in bad shape:

  • One loose leg
  • It didn’t stand straight
  • Appeared to have been dropped down several flights of stairs
    • heavy gouging and missing hardware
  • What was the leather thing? a lamp? a roulette wheel? a drum?
  • Now that I see the photos I promise it looked worse in person
So many mysteries, no answers, only solutions. I planned to refinish it, put something in the giant hole, and replace my albeit without issue (but too large) current coffee table.
SAND SAND SAND. I sanded the imperfections and all of the finish off. I removed some hardware but not all.
Enter: this stuff. I like this stuff. Good for impatient people. It’s got polyurethane and stain all in one. I slap it on, wait for it to dry, steel wool it, rinse and repeat. The drawers got a lighter color stain, but otherwise the same treatment.

In Progress.

My teammate provided a bowl that seemed as though it was made for the giant circular hole,

Here it is all finished in the living room. It freed up a lot of space in the room and is a fun and unique piece to have around!


Clearly where the keyboard goes.

Dem Drawers.

Bowl Shot.

Look at that deep dish.
More stuff to come.