Salvaging the the Dell XPS 13 9350 Touchpad

UPDATE: I found my solution lacking in that the right-click tap event from TwoFingerScroll doesn’t always work for all apps (some games – Darkest Dungeon – for example.) See my preferred fix in italics below.


  1. Two-finger scrolling in Google Chrome is nigh-unusable with Dell’s most recently provided driver. Scrolling works fine in Firefox, IE, Explorer, etc. (as of 16-MAR-2017, the driver)
  2. tap-to-click doesn’t work with two finger tap for right-click.


Windows 7 x64 (x86 likely the same)

CAUTION: This is going to install some drivers that are not supported for your platform and modify your registry. You do so at your own risk. Also I suggest you have a USB mouse handy to use in case your trackpad stops working during the driver swapping and your windows keyboard navigation skills are 100%.

My new preferred fix:

Use this driver – Synaptics from Dell.

Configure it how you like. two finger tap-to-click is missing from the configuration utility, however, two it works native on this driver with the following registry changes:

2FingerTapAction 2

Having Trouble?

  • Try searching the registry for other instances of 2FingerTapAction and changing them to 2
  • The entry(ies) for MultiFingerTapFlags may need to be changed to 3 if it isn’t already – mine was already set. (credit Amit Toor)

The Old Fix:

You want either:

the ASUS driver


the Synaptics Generic Driver

And TwoFingerScroll (credit awahlig) – I find the physical buttons on this trackpad unbearable, so I use touch tapping only, and two-finger touch tapping is not in either of the above drivers (but it is in Dell’s – they did that at least)

I prefer the Synaptics Generic because I installed it second and didn’t notice and significant differences and it is a newer driver. You may need to disable driver signing.

This is quick and dirty, so forgive the lack of exhaustive research, but it worked, and I’m very pleased so I want to share it with the world:

  • Download the ASUS driver or the Synaptics Generic Driver (same as above)
  • Uninstall any Dell Touchpad Software and/or Synaptics Software in Add/Remove Programs; restart
  • Unzip the file you downloaded. Setup.exe will not work because it won’t detect your hardware.
  • Go into WinWDF/x64/ and run all the .exe applications there. Some won’t run, some will give you no feedback (yikes) but ultimately I think this is installing the control panel extensions; restart
  • Go to the device manager, and manually install drivers located in WinWDF/x64/ (you’ll need to choose “Let me pick, then ‘have disk’ “)

  • You’ll now have this in your mouse control panel, and two-finger scrolling will be majestic in Chrome again:
  • [BONUS] Add back two-finger tapping for right click with TwoFingerScroll (Oddly enough, we won’t be using the two-finger scroll option, I personally find the latest Synaptics implementation not as configurable, but more responsive.)

[DOUBLE BONUS] you may find these registry keys helpful for speeding up the pointer if its too slow. These ones below are double what I had previously (100 and 40 respectively), much better in my case.


Having Trouble?

  • Try doing both ASUS followed by Synaptics
  • Try running the Synaptics  Setup.exe after following all the steps, it should let you run it now that you’ve forced an install.
  • Try using TwoFingerScroll’s scroll implementation instead of all of this – just note it takes control of all two finger gestures (two finger tap-to-click for example)